Charity Christmas Tree Collection Dates 23/24

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in this years collection. Your kinds words and shear willingness to take part and share the work we are doing for  our wonderful cause far suprases anything we could have ever dreamed of. Again Thank you. 

For those of you that have booked a collection with us. Please see below the collection dates based on your postcoded area. A few key points to note also are as follow:-

  • We will only be collecting trees from properties that have pre booked a collection with us
  • We are unable to open the bookings again
  • We wont be collecting wreaths
  • All decorations must be removed fully from the tree prior to collection
  • The tree must be placed out kerbside of your property and made as visible as possible
  • You will receive a text message, early morning on the day your tree is to be collected via our automated text system

Monday 8th Jan to Tuesday 16th Jan –


Wednesday 17th Jan – 


Thursday 18th Jan –


Friday 19th Jan –


Monday 22nd Jan to Thursday 25th Jan –


Friday 26th Jan –


Monday 29th Jan & Tuesday 30th Jan – 


Wednesday 31st Jan to Friday 2nd Feb –


Monday 5th Feb –

CF61, CF62

Tuesday 6th Feb –

CF63, CF64, CF71

Wednesday 7th Feb –



We appreciate not everyone is going to be happy and there us a wait for some areas over others. The logistics have been planned professionally to be the most productive and efficient on time / fuel etc. We are a family operation and in no way have the resources that the council have so we really appreciate everyone’s support and patience. We have an estimated 2500 properties to attend, with some 3000 trees (approx) to collect and process. Based on last years dates for the council collections, we are running 1-2 weeks longer than their given estimate, which is fantastic considering the size difference in our operation. 

When we have collected the last tree, and caught up with our contacts at Noah’s Ark, we will announce the FINAL FIGURE.

Once again, thank you all

Aimee & Joe x

South Wales Leading Family Owned and Operated Tree Surgery and Vegetation Management Specialist

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